The location is very convenient for me but what I really enjoy the most; is seeing the variety of people, all at different stages of life, working out together. You will see the young guys back in the free weight area lifting, the middle age ladies over chit chatting on the bikes, while a variety of others are lifting with the machine weights or enjoying some cardio together. Dave

Natural Fitness is by far the best gym I have been a member of. They have everything I need to get in a great workout, along with a very helpful staff that is experienced in every aspect of what it takes to be healthy and fit. Ryan C.

Natural Fitness is a great place to work out. Cory is such an inspiration to all of us and his presence alone gives me the motivation I need to get a great workout. Eric C

As I start my 3rd year at Natural Fitness here in Belle Plaine, I just want to pass a “thank you”. All the things I value in a workout routine are continually present here. The machines are always clean and in good repair, and the overall environment is pleasant. I look forward to my regular visits. I also appreciate the professional advice Cory and Sarah offer whenever asked. All the best, Carmen M.

This is the best gym that I have worked out in, there is no rust and everything is always in working order. Erik

The Senior Fitness Class this summer challenged me with a lot of new exercises. We did exercises that worked different parts of my body but we had so much fun working out. K. D.

When I first started the Senior Fitness Class at the beginning of the summer, I couldn’t lift my arm up over my head, by the end of the summer I had gained much more strength and was able to use that arm more than I had been in the past years. MZ

I joined in on the Boot camp ½ way through the summer and was surprised how much more strength I had gained since starting with the Boot camp. I loved the variety and the intensity that the class offered. It was the BEST! AH

The 8 week body transformation Class was a real eye opener for me. I had learned a doable eating plan that was not threatening for me. I learned the importance of protein while working out. I loved learning the exercises and how they help different parts of the body. The body chart that Sarah showed us really helped me to see what muscles need to be exercised for the abs, that it isn’t just about crunches. The recipes that we got each week were quite a bonus. Jen